Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

It’s a known fact that industries needs to be cleaned every once in a while. The hazardous and potentially impactful area of your industries are not to be cleaned by ordinary workers, it’ll require experienced and professional staff who have been received training and coaching for their work. 

All factories, warehouses, power plants and other type of industrial facilities needs to ensure that their cleaning habits are on the check. We at City Crown Services provides you with the best of the team out there to make sure that it happens.

Our workers are acquired with proper coaching lessons and safety knowledge combined with expertise that makes them yield stellar results.

Our workers specialise in;

  1.    Asbestos Removal
  2.    Hydro Blasting
  3.    Decontamination
  4.    Industrial Vacuuming
  5.    Mold Removal & Remediation